Johnnie O. Jackson podgrzewa emocje przed AC 2020

Arnold Classic 2020 już niebawem! Zawodnicy zwiększają intensywność treningów, aby odsłonić maksimum szczegółów swojej muskulatury.  Jackson publikuje swoje ostatnie treningi i udowadnia, dlaczego jest ulubieńcem publiczności…

Johnnie wkłada maksimum w każdą sesję treningową, aby znaleźć się w pierwszej piątce tego prestiżowego konkursu. Wydaje się, że wiek ( blisko 50 lat) nie jest dla niego żadną przeszkodą.

W 2017 roku Johnnie O. Jackson wygrał Arnold Classic Africa, jednak werdykt ten był dla wielu bardzo kontrowersyjny.

Poniższy post na Instagramie pokazuje porównanie czterech najlepszych zawodników AC Africa 2017.

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The Top 4 from yesterday's @arnoldclassicafrica! These guys were all very competitive! @ifbbvictormartinez (4th) presented a beautiful version of himself in my opinion! Midsection looked great! Proportion and flow was stellar! A touch sharper and he could have placed higher and possibly won. I think we will see him improve as the season goes on and another Olympia is in the cards! @juandieselmorel (3rd) was at his best so far this season. Personally, with his amazing structure and flow I favored Juan and had him in 1st…though he wasn't the best conditioned in the show he wasn't far off. Some say he faded as the evening show went on, but I couldn't tell that from my computer. What I could tell was that @ifbbpromichaellockett was in insane shape!! I am so happy for Michael (2nd), as he keeps improving! I know the pain he is dealing with is tremendous…but he keeps pushing through and getting better! Tons of respect for Michael, and I'm happy he's being recognized! I am also happy for @johnnieojackson who at 46 is still an amazing sight with quite simply one of the most amazing upper bodies in the biz! A couple years ago I ranked his Back as #5 in my @this_is_bodybuilding List of the Top Backs 1991 – Today…and let me tell ya, he's STILL got it!!! Honestly, all 4 of these guys made me happy yesterday. While the 2017 season has been very short of the excellent season we saw in 2016 I would say that THIS was the best Men's Open show of the season thus far. I suspect that the @bevsgym New York Pro in 2 weeks will claim that honor…I would absolutely LOVE if all 4 of these guys showed up there!!! Congratulations to all 4 of these tremendous athletes! Photos by Soulby Jackson #ArnoldClassicAfrica #Bodybuilder #Bodybuilding #BeTheBiggerMan #THISisBodybuilding

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Jak myślicie, kto wygra Arnold Classic 2020?

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